Meet the Gang

There are 4 of us here – well 5 actually.  And this is really the ‘Little Red House‘.   We have not outgrown it yet however, there are days where I did not think we would make it!
Let me introduce my BEST creations yet:
My first born is ‘Coco’ (not her real name).  She just turned 11 years old. If someone can tell me how that happened – can you let me know?  We are charging through the Tween years and keeping out eyes wide open for the Teen years.  She amazes me with her creative side and I look forward to sharing her creations as much as my own. 

My second  born is ‘Lulu’.  She is 8… going on 13.  ‘Lu’ is very sweet – and has a heart of gold.  She will also remind me daily what I should or should not be doing.  
Then there is the ‘Mr.’.  He is obviously my husband.  14 years married now – we have been together for over 20.
Ah, yes and ME!  There I am.  A happy memory that photo brings – a favorite past time of ours: Apple Picking.  Lulu is quite the photographer (she took this one).  I am 43 and a half – well not yet, but at some point this month I will be.  If someone can explain how that happened – let me know!  I still feel like I am 23 34 40… (all excellent years!).
Lastly – we have Nora.  Oh, sweet Nora!  Nora is our newest member of the family.  She is a ‘Flabbie’ which means she is a Flat Coated Retriever/Black Lab mix.  We recently adopted Nora and she is 5 years old.  Much more to share about her another time.
So now that I have put a face on US, leave a comment about YOU!

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