A GIRL’S Lunch Out

This story starts over 11 years ago in 2000.  Back when I felt like the only pregnant person on the planet (that I knew anyway) I started to reach out to other people.

I landed myself in a prenatal exercise class at the YMCA.  Shortly thereafter the Mr. and I started Childbirth Classes.  From those two classes I took away – what I did not know at the time – my support system.  I met wonderful people going through the same experiences at the same time.  

Fast Forward to 2011.  I have remained in close touch with a group of these people and our girls are still friends to this day.  We have all moved into different towns and live different lives but one thing we have in common is all our girls were born within a month of each other.  And they are each other’s ‘first’ friends.  Today was a day we celebrated.

Now that they are older – we have what we call a ‘Girls’ Lunch Out’.  What that means is we (the Moms) have a table and the girls have their own table and we pay the bill.  Actually, it is much more than that to me.  It is a moment to sit back and look at these amazing girls together and see how they have all grown so much in different ways.  Braces, hair and fashion seem to fill my vision.  I still get those glimpses of those ‘little girls’ who would sit and giggle while blowing bubbles in their milk.  Now they giggle about Disney Channel and boys.

Beautiful Young Ladies!

I for one hope they continue to be able to reach out to each other as a break from their ‘real lives’ and remain friends in their teen years.  We even overheard them discussing their weddings today.

Oh, and getting to sit with my friends and enjoy a glass of wine on a beautiful summer afternoon – that is fun too!

One thought on “A GIRL’S Lunch Out

  1. Couldn't agree more with all you wrote! So great seeing these three connect (and the three Mom's) and celebrate turning 11 together! And

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