Getting Going

Morning can be tough some days!  I used to go to bed early and rise early.  This was especially true when the girls were little.

Now that I am getting older I am finding that I crave a later night and even later morning.

For years I depended on that morning cup of coffee.  I even had to get a Keurig machine because making it was even too much work.  But on my mission for a healthier lifestyle I found that caffeine was not my friend.

I still start my morning like this every day  –  

But I have to share – it’s DECAFE.  I also use fat free condensed milk as my cream (I would prefer fresh cream from the local dairy farm…but that’s a whole other post) and I use a teaspoon of Demerara Sugar.

Isn’t it great to just sit back and sip that coffee while the whole household sleeps?  Did I mention this is the Little Red House?  Creaking floor boards, kitchen off the upstairs, dog following me around and turning the Keurig on is enough to wake up everyone.

This is the reality I live – my laptop is usually open while I am drinking and can you just make out the overflowing laundry basket in the background calling my name and is that a ring on my coffee table?  
This usually gets my creative juices flowing – well enough to get my housework started!  

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