My Sewing Machine

My mom taught me to sew back when I was very young.  I realize now how lucky I was.  At the time I never appreciated the 1976 polyester red white and blue homemade pants I had to wear. What  I do appreciate is  she had the time and patience to teach me.  I am finding that ‘patience’ part difficult to employ as I teach Coco but we are working on it.  

In 7th grade Home Ec Sewing class – my classmates were making square pillows.  I remember making a reversible vest with button holes (polyester of course!).  I got a A in that class.  Then I became a teenager and I stopped sewing (and creating for that matter).   Then I became and adult.  Once the Mr. and I decided to take up residence in the 1990s I bought my own first machine.  I was able to sew curtains and home decor items.

A Singer.  She came from Service Merchandise and I paid $125.00 for her.

This machine brought me pleasure once.  In the past 5 years however, she has brought me nothing but aggravation.  She only stitches a straight line these days.  Once she was bright white, now she has this old plastic yellowed tinge.  She resides on Coco’s craft table now.  She has learned to sew and has inherited the Singer (note the gimp, and duct tape…a true crafter she is!)

Meet Elizabeth:

Elizabeth  was my birthday present this year from the Mr.

I even went to a ‘real’ sewing store and hand picked her.  Not only is she beautiful but we are wonderful friends.  She does everything I ask of her and so much more.  She is dependable and never gives me trouble. She has also taken my sewing to the next level.  I am no longer afraid to try those projects that I always wanted to do.   SIGH

But this being the Little Red House, space is minimal.  I had to set her up in my bedroom, in a corner, near the door.  And a true crafter’s space is never ‘clean’.  I am fortunate that my dining room table is just outside the bedroom and I use that for my cutting and piecing area.  However, I will never admit that pins fall on the bedroom carpet – where we tend to be barefoot…

2 thoughts on “My Sewing Machine

  1. Oooooh, congratulations!!!! That is purty. I had a sewing machine once. I gave it away. LOL. I hate the clutter crafting creates. But I do love seeing all the fun things people come up with!

  2. Yay for you! Oh I think I have a crush on Eliabeth! I better not say that very loud my machine might hear me. LOL! Hubby and the boys got me a new sewing machine in Jan for my birthday. The singer 7470 confidence. It is amazing what a new machine will do for you. I had a very simple model before that had like 7 stitches and gave me more problems than I could count.

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