Baby Shower (gift #1)

I have a Baby Shower to go to later this month.  It has been YEARS since I have been to a baby shower <3.

It is for a sister of a close friend.  I am very excited to sew gifts for the baby.  Of course, knowing if it is a girl or a boy would be MOST helpful – but the mother-to-be has decided to not find out.  I did my best on fabric selections.  Green and yellow are nice – but there has to be SOME pink right?

I searched long and hard for the gifts that I thought would be useful and easy to complete but look like high end gifts.  I found three.  Here is the first of the projects I have completed.

I used the tutorial I found here for Baby Burp Cloths at A Chelsea Morning.  The only change I made was I used flannel for the inserts. I had a September baby and the thought of warm cozy burp clothes made of flannel just felt right.

I started with the cutting of the flannel and ribbons (following the tutorial) and spent the majority of my time pinning it all together.  It was a lot thicker than I anticipated.  I really need some GOOD quality heavy gauge pins!

Then Elizabeth (my machine) and I got to work.  As I mentioned it was thick – so I went slow. But she never failed me!  I thought for sure I would break a needle.  Helpful Hint: I used a whole bobbin for this project.

But once they were done they look so soft and snugly!

I think they will wrap up nicely for presentation.  I can already hear the ‘ohhhhs‘ and ‘ahhhhs‘ from the crowd!

Now I am off to start project #2… which is MUCH bigger!

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