What is up in the garden?

I have been slacking in my garden duties since we installed our pool.  I was able to capture a few things that are blooming.

My trusty Clematis comes back every year on my lamppost. 
These are my favorite type of Rhododendrons – they bloom a little later than the purple and dark pink ones.  It looks white but has this icy pink to it.
This thing is HUGE this year.  I received this Lace Cap Hydrangea over 12 years ago for ‘Secretary’s Day’ from a well loved ‘boss’.  Some years it is not interested in giving me a lot of blooms but this year it is ready to explode!
These are my Red Magic daylilies I planted when I first started my gardens.  I have divided them once and they are still going.  They are starting to get creeped in on by a rose bush who needs a good hard pruning next Spring.
 And look who was hanging out in my other Hydrangea  –  HELLO!

How do your gardens grow this Summer?

2 thoughts on “What is up in the garden?

  1. Clematis are my favorite! Beautiful! I also like your snake friend. My Mom and Dad had a similar friend who loved to sun itself on one of their bushes. Stayed the whole summer. 🙂

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