Baby Shower (Gift #2)

The Baby Shower is fast approaching. (see Gift #1 here
As I have said before, not knowing if you are sewing for a boy or girl is not helpful however, I love the creaminess of these colors. It is so soft and snuggly!  AND if this baby is a girl – I am driving to the new Mom’s home and sewing on a big pink satin bow (and to see the baby of course)!
Today, I completed this beautiful Chenille Baby Blanket.  I found this tutorial at Sew 4 Home

Ready, Set, SEW!

I was overwhelmed with the cutting on this project and this is why I kept putting it off.  I needed a 42×42 square and my cutting mat is 36×36.  I did manage in the end and had all my pieces ready to go.  

Two things I have never used before also were holding me up – working with chenille (or I should say ‘snow’) and blanket binding.

Imbedded in the mat 

This being the ‘Little Red House‘ I had to move my machine out of the bedroom nook and onto the dining room table today.  I needed room to spread out!  I also had to employ the coffee table for pinning area.  I was fortunate that my girls were at a ‘park program’ all day.  
I started with pinning my front and back together.  There is Nora on her nest keeping close eye on what I am up to.  

I contemplated using my walking foot today.  Yet, I decided that the regular foot was going to be fine.  I will find a project to use that foot soon!

Sewing the two big pieces together-

After pressing miles of homemade blanket binding it was time to pin it – this part was pretty simple-

I learned how to make a faux mitered corner today! (see tutorial link above)-

After I attached all the binding on, I pressed my edges nice and sharp-

I am quite pleased.  I can hear even bigger ‘ohhhhhhs’ and ‘ahhhhhhhhs‘ from the crowd now!

AND while I was sewing – the UPS Man brought me THESE today (Michael Miller fabrics)!   Hmmmm what will I do with those!?!?

Off to vacuum up all the ‘snow’!

I have shared this creation today at:

Tip Junkie handmade projects


5 thoughts on “Baby Shower (Gift #2)

  1. Just saw this on the sew and tell….so cute! I love the color combo. That black Michael Miller fabric is to die for!! Not sure why but I didn't get this email update..:(

  2. Aha …good to know. Very excited to actually see my blog in someone's favorites!!! Thank you!Oh and thank you for the spelling comment. That made me feel a little better aabout it. I was really embarrassed to be called out for it but I guess I need to expect that with a public blog. Oh well I know I am not perfect. Thanks again!

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