Colored Pencils

Coco is my creative child and she loves to create!  Ever since she was old enough to grab a crayon and get it to paper she has been drawing.  Fast forward to 11 years old.

Coco celebrated her birthday recently.  One thing her friends know is she loves art.  She received some gift cards to AC Moore and off we went to figure out what she needed.

She wants to focus on drawing more.  After poking around for a while she decided on new Colored Pencils and a book on how to use them properly.  She also picked a nice fine point and brush tip marker.

She got right to work.  She was able to copy the drawings right from the book and worked on her shading techniques.

However, this one caught my eye – this is an original:

Then last night I caught her in action.  I love to watch her draw.  


I never know what is going to come out of her next.  Right now her focus has been flowers.  I look forward to sharing more of HER ‘perspective‘ soon!!

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