Fat Quarters

For someone who has sewn all her life – I never knew what a fat quarter was until this year.  In fact, I had to GOOGLE it.  Apparently, if I was a quilter I would know – so I guess that explains it.  My sister quilts, by hand, stitch by stitch… crazy. 

I was getting ready to take a sewing class to make a tote bag and I got the instructions wrong.  I thought I needed fat quarters – I did not.  SO, what was I going to do with these beautiful fat quarters I had.

I found a pattern (when I was still willing to buy a paper pattern in the stores) at Joanns and it had just the thing I was looking for – something cute and fun.

Simplicity Sewing Pattern 3776 Crafts, One Size

I made this 
Fabric Bucket

It allowed me to play with some new fancy stitches on Elizabeth.  Which are upside down I think!

Then, once I made it I did not know what to do with it! It ended up in the girls room as a waste paper basket.

We Did It! Wednesday

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3 thoughts on “Fat Quarters

  1. I could use a couple of those! I will make a few as soon as I get back home from this workshop. Thanks for the perfect project! Found you through the Sewplicity hop and am now a follower. Interesting blog.

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