The Baby Shower

 It has been a long time since my baby shower.  Oh, how I remember opening all those new wonderful things.  Looking forward to using them all.  Two babies and 11 years later I don’t have a lot of that ‘stuff’ anymore.
With MY baby!

However, I still have some items that had special meaning to me.  The high chair, Pack-n-Play, the rocker, the baby swing – they are all gone now.  That treasured art print of Noah’s Ark, the pink teddy bear that is Lulu’s lovey to this day, the Pottery Barn crib quilt I agonized over selecting – these I still have.  Funny how that happens.  
Today, I got to sit and watch a Mom-to-be open all her new things.  And I realized it’s not the new things we are celebrating but the special memories she has ahead of her.  What a privilege it was to be a part of her celebration.  
A wonderful gathering
When the Baby Burp Cloths and the Chenille Blanket were opened there were plenty of ‘ohhhhhs’ and ‘ahhhhhs’ just as I had hoped.  But now I hope that they are used daily and not put away for special occasions.  I also need to fess up and admit – I never got to the ‘Gift #3’ but I still have plenty of time.  

Now we get to sit back and let the Mom-to-be do all the work.  She has a long hot month of August ahead of her (oh I have been there!).  The best is yet to come… will it be a BOY or GIRL?!?!?
With my friend the ‘Auntie’!

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