The Perfect Snack

Did you have one of these growing up?  I did ~ way back in the ’70s!  In fact, I got one for my 10th birthday (an odd gift choice).  I suppose it was high tech back then!

For a long time we were making our popcorn on the stove top in Coconut Oil (ohhhh our FAVORITE!).  However, the extra fat was catching up with me : (  I made room in our small kitchen in the ‘Little Red House‘ for this new appliance.

I have deemed both my girls old enough to run this complex machine.  In fact, by letting them run it – it encourages them to use it.  I think when they have play dates they like to show it off  ‘look what I am allowed to do!

so exciting!

It tends to come out mid afternoons.  They know just how much popcorn to measure (organic, GMO free of course!).  Coco is old enough to melt the butter (again, organic) and Lulu knows just the right amount of salt (sea salt) to add.

We fill the big bowl – and my hand is usually in it.  Nora the dog loves to clean the floor after they are done.  It’s a win win for all!

What is your Perfect Snack?  Leave me a comment and share!

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