Girl Scout Camp

Did you go to Summer Camp? Like a sleep away camp?  I went once.  It was the late 1970s.

I have two older sisters who were off doing their own teenage things and I think my parents were thinking ‘Hmmm, now is a good time to ship her off’.  And they did.  I went to a Girl Scouts camp which was fine but there was no swimming.  We slept in actual tents and I am pretty sure we cooked a lot of our meals out. That was a LONG time ago.

Fast forward to 2011:

Now that Coco is getting ready for her 5th grade year – her parents are thinking ‘Hmmmm, now is a good time to ship her off’.  She is going to a Girl Scouts camp in New England and I made sure there is swimming.  It has a beautiful swimming lake.  The camp is perfect!

She is going with one of her first friends ‘Miss A’.  They will be bunkmates.  I feel a slight twinge of envy with her going on this experience.  I guess I only get to experience it from the stories she is willing to share with me.   
SO eager to GO!

Their bunk
I love how their pillows are head to head 

 I am going to miss her – but I think the experiences she will gain will outweigh my needs for her daily hugs.  She was eager to say good bye and send us on our way but kept holding on for one last hug.  So sweet.

Just one more….

Following a terrible heat wave here last week I am thrilled to say that the humidity broke and the overnight temps should be in the 60s.  Again, just perfect!

Keeping Lulu the 8 year old entertained while she is gone is going to be another challenge… but she gets her chance to go to the same camp later in the Summer!

Perfect clear lake : )

Sweet Dreams Coco!  Have fun!

One thought on “Girl Scout Camp

  1. Oh my I remember going away to overnight camp. We always had such a great time. I am sure Miss Coco will really enjoy it. All your pictures make me want to pop in ParentTrap(the Haley Mills version).

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