Key Fobs

Inside my purse (or pocketbook if you like) is a dark black hole.  Things go in and never come out.  Especially my keys!

When I purchased my iPhone I wondered why anyone would ever want a black phone?  How would you ever find it?

I finally came up with a solution for this:

I used the tutorial I found here at The Idea Room.  It was very simple…and I had a chance to break in my quarter inch with guide foot !!

The key (no pun intended) to this was to make sure everything is lined up straight.  Also, I used home decorator fabric which was VERY thick -but they have held up nicely over previous ones I have made in cotton.  I got the clips at Joanns in the ‘purse making’ section.

I now also have a bright green cover on my iPhone too!

2 thoughts on “Key Fobs

  1. Karen, thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. I've enjoyed your blog also. Makes me homesick for the days when my boys were young. I love the post about the girls going off to camp.I will teach an online quilting class this fall using my technique for stained glass quilts, if you're interested. I plan to post on my blog when everything is set up.

  2. They turned out great! Thanks for linking back! I love the fabric you used as well! Thanks for sharing this with me. I love to see when others have made the projects I share. It makes it so worthwhile.

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