Festive Summer Bunting

I am SO late on the Bunting Craze but I am glad I waited for Summer.  I made a bunting for Coco’s Pool Party and decided to keep it up all Summer.

I do not have on the go photos to share.  And I won’t bore you with which tutorial I used – the web is loaded with those already.

My TRICK?  I used Outdoor Fabrics : )  I had so much fun picking out these vibrant colors.  I feel like I always work with the same colors so it was fun to mix it up.

I purchased 5 fabric colors (just a 1/4 yards each)  which gave me two buntings – it was very affordable.

I love just how it came out!  I hung it from our canopy that we keep on the pool deck for shade.

I also love that when we are in the pool it is the first thing you see.  I can also report that it has been hanging for almost a month now and the fabrics are holding up great.  


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