OUR Black Dog

For 14 years now I usually have my morning coffee in this mug which I got on my Honeymoon with the Mr.  At the time we had a rescue Golden Retriever (Kaley) and soon after rescued another Golden (Sampson).  The Goldens passed away about 5 years ago.  It never occurred to us that we would have anything but Goldens.   
Fast forward 5 years…
It took us that long to even consider a new dog.  We knew we wanted to adopt another adult dog but I was terrified of all that dog hair again.  The girls were begging daily.  The Mr. would not consider a new dog yet.  So we waited.  And waited.  We came across dogs that were available but we declined.  Was there even room in the ‘Little Red House‘ for another dog?
One day a friend told us there was a black lab available and it was too bad we did not want a lab.  I mentioned it to the Mr. and he said ‘let’s meet her’.  Being no fool I set it up right away.  It was a match made in heaven.  
We brought our newest member of the family home this February.  We renamed her Nora and she has been the best dog ever.  Her dad was an AKC Black Lab and her Mom was a Flat Coated Retriever – we got full history on her and she had been in a home with small children.  She is five years old and has the most wonderful temperament.  Her fur is so soft and silky.  Yes, she sheds – a lot.  
First time through her new home
Honestly, she is like a housecat.  She has no lab traits at all (other than shedding).  She loves to lay and sleep on her bed every day.
On her NEW bed
Sneaking a nap on the playroom couch
 She doesn’t even pick up a ball.  Or play with toys.  Or swim.  Or sneak food off the table.  These are all things we have been working on to change!  
Six months later she has come a long way.  She spends her days awake and in the car with me most of the time.  She commands the front seat.  She has made lots of canine friends and because she is so well behaved is invited for playdates.  She is starting to play more and at times – far and few – we get her to play with her ‘stuffed squirrel’.  
The biggest change we have noticed – she loves us.  
With her PACK
Almost as much as we love her.  
Her most favorite thing to do now is be outside chasing chipmunks & squirrels and investigating the stone wall – which pleases us.  
Lulu said to me one night ‘Mom how did we get so lucky to get Nora?’  I told her ‘I think maybe Kaley and Sampson may have sent her to us’.  And with that I gave her a kiss and tucked her in.  
If you are considering a new pet – consider adoption.  
A second hand dog often has the most love to give.  
Nora the dog

2 thoughts on “OUR Black Dog

  1. Your Nora looks like such a sweet girl. Her name really suits her. Before I became a Sahm I worked for an animal hospital and it was so rewarding. We rescued both of our dogs and we wouldn't have it any other way. There are so many animals in need of homes. It truly is an amzing thing to adopt a homeless pet.

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