Little Girl Dresses

I never really took advantage of sewing adorable little clothes for my girls.  It is a tragedy really.  My machine and energy level were never up for it.  Now having almost a Tween & Teen – they won’t have any of it.

THANKFULLY I have nieces and a nephew!
I was able to complete these two dresses for Niece M (she is 5) and Niece E (she is 3) who are SO cute. 


I have found that I prefer to follow online tutorials (free ones are best!) and patterns vs. the ‘McCalls’ type patterns in the store.  Pictures, step by step directions, simple shopping lists.  THIS is the way to SEW!  
I now avoid all that tissue paper and time spent saying ‘is that the right side or the wrong side’ they are showing me in those black and white instruction pages.  I even LOVE that I can download the tutorials onto my iPhone and take them right into Joanns with me and figure out what I need to bring home or show the salesgirls exactly what I am looking for. 
The dresses I made were from this pattern at That Darn Kat – SO SIMPLE!!  I just wish Lulu would let me make her one. 
I think I really need to invest in some ‘LABELS’ for my creations…

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3 thoughts on “Little Girl Dresses

  1. Karen I love that Apple and Pear fabric!! Adorable! I have also thought about the labels. Hayley from Welcome to Mouse House rec. someone on etsy I need to ask her or I may try to make my own. I second you on the online tutorials. I am such a visual learner. I can follow them much better than the store patterns. Plus most are free which is an awesome bonus!!

  2. I don't know why but everytime I see the first green dress it reminds me of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. It just has that Mod feeling. I love it!!

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