A Gift

I mentioned before Lulu has a heart of gold.  Solid gold!  She started growing her hair long because it looked pretty.

One afternoon we were watching TV and saw a show on Locks of Love.  At the end Lu turned to me and said ‘I am going to do that‘!  And she did! We have spent the last two years growing her hair long.

It was time to cut her hair.  I was ready to have her cut it if she had the right amount to donate or not.  

She donated just about 11 inches.  Her hair is straight but she has so much of it.  There were 2 ponytails that size.

And there, after the cut, there was the most beautiful SMILE!

She looks so happy!
She has the most beautiful hair!

Here we are officially mailing her ‘locks’.

at the Post office
She looks so grown up now- but I can still see that ‘baby face’ in there.

2 thoughts on “A Gift

  1. Congratulations – Lulu is a wonderful girl.Did you know men can & do donate their hair? My dentist's assistance and her father donate yearly – his sister had cancer and they do it in her name.

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