Fabulous Friday: S’more Crescents Please


Say the word slowly: c h o c o l a t e ….

Yes, it is all GOOD!

Even Lulu who is lactose intolerant will never pass up anything that has chocolate.

When the heat broke and I was finally willing to turn my oven on again we needed something fast and good.  We went with an old standby favorite – S’more Crescents.  OK, there are no graham crackers involved but who cares!

I lost my taste for Pilsbury ‘Pop n Fresh’ when I started on a ‘real food’ mission a while back.  Recently I have found the Immaculate Baking Co. and I am willing to ‘stretch my standards’ for simplicity.

First we unroll the triangles and drop in some mini chips and mini marshmallows and roll them up  – this is Lulu’s job.

Just be sure to ‘pinch them tight’!  Then in the oven for 12-14 mins –

And you break them open, slowly…..

Have a great weekend!!!

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