A Milestone

I am celebrating a milestone!  One year ago I gave up Diet Coke.

Sure- that does not seem like a HUGE thing to celebrate but to me it is.

It was due to my wanting to stop caffeine.  Caffeine was bothering me on so many levels (my mood, my mornings, my appetite and it bothered my heartbeat at times).

So, I could have just drank Caffeine Free Diet Coke right?  It was at the same time I decided to do away with the artificial sweeteners.

The Mr. still likes to drink it – so it is in the house and some days I am tempted when he cracks that can open (I can just hear that ‘crack’) and then he pours it over a tall glass of ice…ahhhhh but I don’t want it and I don’t even like it anymore.

So what do I drink?  Seeing as Crystal Light, Sprite Zero and Ice Tea all went out the window my drink of choice these days is lemonade mixed with seltzer water.  It cuts the calories, and it still sweet and cold.

Of course there are days when I prefer this but this does not happen often!

Small accomplishments like this make me proud.

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