Prepping for a Sewing Store Trip

How do you prepare for that big sewing store trip?  My Joanns is a solid 25-30 mins away and I do not make that trip often.

I can sit online and search ideas all day long.  I love to ‘bookmark’ them all.  Eventually, I sit down and decide what I will make next.

THEN figuring out what I need is the most overwhelming part.  I finally have found the perfect tool for this task.

Evernote has saved the day!
 It is free too!!  

Since l loaded this onto my laptop and iPhone – I always am prepared when I head to the sewing store.

It is really cool… I open it on my laptop and create a new Note and name it.  Then in that note I save a picture of what I am making, the link for it and then I can copy and paste the materials needed for the task.  Exactly as they are written online.  No mistakes here!  It also has this great check box system where I can check off items that I have in my shopping cart.

Once I have all my Notes written and ready to go – I sync it with my iPhone and like magic I have it all with me on the go all the time.

It has saved me a lot of time and energy.  I can also ask for advice by showing the pictures of what I am planning or where things are in the store.

The BEST part is – I can spend my time focused on picking my fabrics and not worrying about all the little details.  I think we can all agree if you pick the wrong fabrics – the project is a fail!  I could honestly spend 3 hours looking at fabrics!

Since I have started shopping this way – I am so happy.  It also helps keep me on track for making sure I have all the items I really need and not to get distracted by ‘pretty‘ things.

SO if you have an iPhone I suggest giving it a try!

I also use this for all kinds of other lists – especially as a girl scout leader, school library coordinator, school enrichment chairperson… you get the idea!

 (Notice my new iPhone cover! It’s Lily!!)

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