New England Day Trip

Remember the story of the First Thanksgiving?  Did you study the Pilgrims or the Mayflower? Ever wonder what life was like back in the 1600s?

Guess where we went!

Plimouth Plantation

It is not the first time I have been – but I can assure you I was on a school bus with 60 of my closest friends at the time and I am sure I was wearing polyester pants!  Lulu and I did this one while Coco was at camp.  We enjoyed the company of close friends which made the day even more special.

This was a great day trip.  There was a large focus on the Wampanoag tribe so it was nice to see the comparison between the Native Americans and the Settlers.

The actors are in traditional dress and spoke with British accents – going on about their daily lives.  When we arrived one woman (in a full on wool long skirt) was doing laundry in a tub.  Lulu was able to help spread the linens out to dry on the field.

There were so many textures and things to see and touch.  I took a LOT of photos- ENJOY!!!

Insided a home: 
Not exactly the Viking 6 burner gas range!

A HUGE stack of wood!

My favorite Rooster – running around the yard

Lulu asking a ‘laundry’ question

View of Massachusetts Bay

Then we found the Children’s Playroom which offered dress up clothes (and comfy chairs & AC for the adults)

Playing the ‘Goodewife’
We did not make it onto the Mayflower 2 for a tour – however we found THIS place in downtown Plymouth:
Insanity at its finest!

Notice there is one missing?? That was an Oreo Cookie Cupcake.  And I can assure you there indeed was a creamy white filling inside!

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