Fabulous Friday: Roasted Chicken

Ever since we purchased a convection oven – I love to roast chickens.  It usually takes just over an hour.  I LOVE that!  We had some great cool weather (70 degrees while the rest of the states were broiling)  so I was able to turn on the oven.

There really is nothing more ‘fowl’ than raw chicken so I apologize for the photos.  I invest in the best quality chicken I can find/afford.  Which is not always easy to do.  Today I am roasting TWO to save time.

First thing I do is place sliced lemon and rosemary in the bird cavity.  Sometimes I throw onion in too – today I had none.

Then I lift the skin and add coconut oil under the breast skin.  However, my coconut oil is liquefied right now so I used pats of butter instead.  Crushed pepper and sea salt on top – and they are read to roast!

325 (convect) for 1 hour 15 mins… and they are DONE!

We had sliced cold chicken for dinner tonight.  We will have: chicken salad, chicken divan, and chicken stirfry.  When all that good chicken is picked off – I will make STOCK (another post for sure) and we will have a huge pot of soup.  The girls have been asking for Chicken Noodle.

It helps to stretch those pricey chickens for a LOT of meals.  

Of course – knowing that I am making a healthy choice for my family helps too.  During Soccer Season I find this is my best dinner to serve.  I roast them during the day – then depending on who eats before or after late practice – I know they are getting a good protein meal that won’t weigh them down.

One thought on “Fabulous Friday: Roasted Chicken

  1. oh my goodness Karen! My mouth is watering just looking at your pics. I am going to try your method with the lemon, onion and herbs the next time my inlaws come over. Thanks for the inspiration!

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