Checkbook Covers

THIS was a great fast project!  And the best part, it helped me clear out some of my scraps.  I found this project for Checkbook Covers at Sewplicity.  The tutorial was clear and simple.

My girls were off to Six Flags New England for the day and I snuck this in late in the afternoon.

Ready, Set, Sew

I started with cutting all my fabrics.  I made TWO.  One in pink quilting cottons.  The other with a ‘french country’ flair but I used home decorators fabric on the outside.  It made the project thicker but more durable.  Elizabeth took it like a champ!

Sewing inside pieces together and pressing the seams.

I basted the inside pieces to the big inside piece.  Then sewed the outside to the inside and ‘flipped’ it right side out.

Making sure to poke those corners out nice and square!  Then, HOT STEAM.

Almost there…time for topstiching



But wait! What is THAT?

My first label!!!
I would highly recommend this fun project.  I got quick results and it is already in my purse with my checkbook in it.  

Tip Junkie handmade projects



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