New England Day Trip

Yesterday, we decided to appreciate ART!

Coco, the Mr. and I headed into Boston to the Museum of Fine Arts.  We arrived to find a very long line to get in.  Apparently, a Chihuly Exhibit (we had NO idea what that is) was extended one day and everyone decided to come to see it.

Upon our entry we enjoyed roaming the galleries all day.  Copley, Cassatt, Homer, Picasso, Monet, Van Gough, Degas, on and on….  It was wonderful to watch Coco really take in the art itself and stop and read the placards.  She really enjoyed herself.

Some of our favorite paintings which we were looking for which are Boston focused.  (Sorry for cell phone quality photos!)

Coco’s favorite artist – can you guess who it is?

 Finally, we tripped on the special exhibit and decided why not – we are here.  It was AMAZING!!!  If you ever have a chance to view these special glass pieces by Chihuly – DO!


Exhausted it was time to commute home.  I snapped this special picture of Boston landscape on the way out. GO RED SOX!

3 thoughts on “New England Day Trip

  1. Isn't Chihuly great!!! His work is spectacular! So glad the three of you had such a fun time at the MFA. It is such a great place to visit. Great pics too!

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