Fabulous Friday: Summer Reading List


I swore I would never get a Kindle.  Why would I – I get all my books FREE at the library!

I now have a Kindle.  I LOVE my Kindle!  Why did I get a Kindle?

One reason: I am losing the fine print. I had to start wearing bifocal contact lenses.   Talk about feeling OLD!  With the Kindle I can increase the font size to a larger print.  It is a WIN for me!  Not to mention I read so much faster on it.  I also do not have to drive to the library anymore (but, yes I have to pay for books until Kindle releases their ‘library software’).

SO what am I reading on said Kindle you ask?

Nora Roberts:  Chasing Fire
Product DetailsI real all of Nora’s books…

George RR Martin: Game of Thrones Series
Product Details  This is a BIG undertaking for me.  I am 48% into book 2: Clash of Kings.  I started watching this on HBO and was instantly drawn in.  Tyrion Lannister alone is worth the time invested.

Jodi Picoult:  The Pact
 Product Details  I just finished The Pact.  It was my first Jodi Picoult book.  It was good… a little too good.  I found myself identifying with ALL the characters – I was a little emotionally exhausted by the end.    I won’t spoil or share boring details but I would recommend it.  It was a fast read too.

Next up might be ‘The Help’ before the movie comes out but I am not sure.  What are YOU reading or plan too soon?  Leave me a comment!!

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