Home Decor: Round Tray

I needed something to put on my new round coffee table.  Something to protect it, be functional and look pretty.

The solution was to find something round!  I popped into Home Goods and went looking for a large charger plate or low profile bowl.  I just did not see what I wanted.  Then in the clearance section I tripped on this horrendously ugly metal platter:

I mean it is not pretty.  But – it was the right size, low profile and I love that it is metal.  Then I flipped it over and saw the price.  For that  price – I could play with it! 
So I picked up some of THIS in Oil Rubbed Bronze

and one of these (Hello!  I love you!)  
Started spraying!

Nora keeping an eye on me
I realized… I should have primed this first.  So I added a few layers of this:

 The reason I like this product:

  Now – look how pretty it is.  And the bonus is – the texture of the paint splatters created texture on the tray.

Guess What!  I bought 2!!  I have one for the coffee table and I have one for my oval dining room table too!  
I like that I have a base now for my table decor for easy change ups.  I also added some felted stick on feet to keep my table from scratching.  
The moral of this post – don’t pass by ugly things that are priced right – they could be perfect!!


3 thoughts on “Home Decor: Round Tray

  1. Oooh, I love them! I've seen so many things done with that Oil Rubbed Bronze…I'm just about to jump on the bandwagon!! Thanks for bringing me to the jumping point!!!

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