Chicken Stock

Remember those Roasted Chickens?  They were very good.  Time to make the stock!!  Since I started making my own stock – I get raves on my soups.  This is photo heavy but very simple.

I dump what is left of the chicken bones into a pot filled with water.  I add chopped onion, carrots & celery.

I bring it to a boil – that is when that foam starts to appear on top.  I skim it all off.  Once this is done I drop it to a simmer and let it go ALL DAY.  Yes, all day.  8 hours minimum.  Keeping the cover on reduces the evaporation I prefer to keep it on. 

Now it is time to strain, strain, and strain again.  This part is not easy – it’s HOT!

I discard all of the used up bones and veggies.  The nutrients are now in the stock.

And like magic – I get the most amazing golden nutritious stock.  

LOTS of stock!

This week we decided on Chicken Soup.  It has been getting cooler at night and the kids are loving it.   MMM mmm good!  (I just wish I had some fresh baked bread and butter to go with it!!)

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