A Stool Redo

Do you have an item in your home that you walk past or sit on every day and just don’t even pay attention to the fact that it simply does not match anything.

Take this light wood colored stool.  I bought it out of necessity.  I do love how it fits right under the counter here.  And it is ‘my’ seat.  I sit on it everyday.  But let’s be honest – it does not match anything!

Keeping in mind that this is the Little Red House and my kitchen is one of the ‘smaller’ rooms.

Now that I am on a ‘spray paint’ kick I decided to get some of this:

and did this:

and NOW I love it.  It just feels right.

This is the first of small changes I am making in my little kitchen.  I will post them here and there – then give you a big reveal!

2 thoughts on “A Stool Redo

  1. We are getting ready to make a whole set of chairs like that into black ones. Did you prime or sand first? Did you use poly on top? I really want to do this the easy way!

  2. Jen, I did a light sanding. Just to get the gloss off. I did not prime. And I did use poly in satin on top. It is holding up great. IF I was doing a whole set of chairs – I think I would take the time to do a quick coat of primer. Dont forget to get your spray can trigger attachement!! Good Luck.

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