Hamburger Buns

Like most people I reach for the bag of hamburger buns when I am making burgers.  In fact, my favorite are Pepperidge Farm seeded buns.  However, I also know the ingredient list all too well.  I really prefer to bake my own bread during the cold seasons.  I just am not in the habit of making rolls and buns these days.

Then I saw THESE this on Creations by Kara (where her tag line is “Creating a Home…with a can of spray paint in one hand and a measuring cup in the other” YES, I like that!!)

It was for quick easy Hamburger Buns!  Both the girls were at a neighborhood camp today and the weather was good enough to bake – and we were having hamburgers on the grill for dinner!  I dove in.

I typically use my Kitchen Aid mixer for all my mixing and kneading.  I did that today.  Given that these only have one rise – they were very fast and very easy.  I also typically heat my oven for about 5 mins on 175 degrees then shut it right off – and do my rising in there.  A mug of hot water also helps to make a nice humid environment.

Here they are just in for their rise (on my well seasoned Pampered Chef stoneware):

Getting a little bigger:

To the counter for the last 10 mins of rising (while I preheat the oven)

 Then out of the oven – all warm and golden:

The girls came home and saw them – they were so happy!  I have to say – the bun was much better than my burger! (Someone ate all the cheddar cheese and did not tell me.)  

I would DEFINITELY say try these out – even if you are not an expert bread baker – I think these were a great quick recipe to try. 

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