Vacation Debrief

We are back…and we arrived just in time to combat Irene’s arrival.  Thankfully being on the far east coast we were spared the brunt of this storm. Yes – rain, wind a power outage but nothing we have not been through before.  

Track Irene

And to fix this!  While green is one of my favorite colors I did not like this one bit!  This put a damper on the last few days of summer vacation.

Back to the FUN stuff!

A quiet peaceful week lakeside.  I have been going to lakes in New Hampshire since I was about 4 years old.  Let’s just say it was the EARLY 1970s!

This was just what we needed to recharge the batteries without electronic distractions.  OK, there was TV and I was on the 3G…  but I did leave my laptop behind!

Honestly – the best part of being at the lake – is waking up early (but not before 6 am) and quietly making a cup of coffee and sneaking outside with a book to sit in the early morning silence and just take it all in.  On this day the mist was beautiful.  Eventually, they will all wake up and join you and ask you to go make them a nice breakfast and it comes to an end. 

Coco and Lulu found the kayaks!  Lulu went solo this year.  She liked that!

OH and Nora had her first trip to the lake with us!  Remember how she does NOT swim?  Well… she just needed the right environment! I swear if she could talk should would have said ‘Mom, THIS is AWESOME!’

The girls found a new activity: Feeding Fish

And were unsuccessful in trying to catch one.

We enjoyed frozen treats – that is Gelato (and it was too pretty to eat)!

Could not resist snapping this one:

So True!

There was even a swimming pool that we got to enjoy! (I know, a pool at the lake – crazy!!)

Now I take a deep breath in, then let it out.  

What’s coming up next? 

First Day of School…Fall Decorating…New Projects…
Kitchen Changes…Holidays 
(Oh My!)

Posting will be sporadic due to first week of school! 

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