Back To School

Conflicted is how I feel this year.  I am usually the Mom singing ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ the week before school starts.  Of course, this was when my girls were little and required so much entertainment and attention.  Now that they are older they tend to care for and keep themselves entertained fairly well.

I will might even miss them this year!  Plus the merry go round of driving to and from soccer and chorus and dance classes….  I am already tired.  

We ended our family dinner on Monday night with a special treat.  It does not look all that exciting – but MMM it was good!

Toll House Pie

Coco is starting 5th grade and Lulu is starting 3rd.  And as you can see dance has already started!

First Day Goodbyes 
We have taken every photo in this same spot on the first day.  I remember when they did not reach the door handle.


Even I have grown over the years…

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