Chocolate Rolo Cookies

I saw THESE awesome cookies over at the Artsy-Fartsy Mama and HAD to make!

It uses R O L O s…. say it slowly šŸ™‚  Almost as good as Chocolate!

I followed her easy instructions.  I also loved that it was 4 ingredients:

I figured the girls are at school – the house is quiet so it would be a great time catch up on:
WHILE I am baking!

Meg is my favorite.  I love how she uses color in a space.  

Counted out my Rolos (UH OH! what will we do with all those unused ones?!?!?)

The batter was thick – but I got through it:
Into the oven for 9 minutes and out comes – PERFECTION:

I spent more time rolling the Rollos into the dough than anything else.  PLUS it was easy clean up !!

Now, wait until the girls see these on the counter when they get home! AND I cannot wait for next Monday at 9 for Design Star!

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