On this Day…

This year – September 11 brings back the same memories for me it usually does.  Being from New England and the flights being out of Boston  it seems that most people know of someone who lost their life that day.

What is different this year is Coco.  I remember being home with my sweet little 15 month old that morning.  Looking at her little face while she did not have a care in the world.  In fact, her only real exposure would be rocking her in a chair which was dedicated to a flight attendant in my hometown library.

Fast forward 10 years.  She is in 5th grade now.  She knows of the attacks and knows that we ‘got’ Bin Laden in May.  They will discuss it in school this week.  She has never been allowed to sit and watch any of it on TV.  This year she asked to see it.  NATGEO has had it on TV all week and she keeps asking.  There was no avoiding it this year.

We decided (after previewing it ourselves) to watch the George Bush 9/11 Interview  with her  We felt it told the story of the events, gave a personal perspective and how the decisions were made on that day.  It also was minimal on the ‘imagery’.  What I liked best was it was perfect for us to pause, and explain things in our way during the show.

She asked questions, she cried a little, and asked ‘WHY’?  We were able to answer some of her questions.  She said she was glad we watched it together.  That it helped to put pieces together for her.   She told us of stories her friends had told her about family friends they had lost that day.

And best of all – she was not up with nightmares all night.  For that I was thankful.

She is growing up.

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