Bake Sale Season

It is that time of year again!!!

When the school bake sales all come looking for me!  Where do I hide?  Three sales this year – two election days and one school craft fair.

Actually, I LOVE to bake for the yard sales.  But I love to sample what I bake even more.  There lies the problem.  BUT I love to help out a good cause.

I thought – lets find some new things to make for the bake sales this year!!  Pumpkin Bread and Chocolate Chip cookies are good but we can do better!!

Here are some I am thinking about (images are links):

Whoopie Pie (my personal favorite!)

Pioneer Woman’s Toffee Squares

Paula Deen’s Creme De Menthe Brownies
Picture of Creme De Menthe Brownies Recipe

Lets take Rice Krispy Treats to the next level

Candy Corn Bark

The kids can assembly line these with me!

Meringue Snowflakes -great idea for our Holiday Craft Market bakesale!
Great alternative to buttery holiday cookies, and they're gluten and dairy free!  Plus, who doesn't love  a little glitter on their baked goods?

An updated Blondie


Fabulous Packaging Ideas
Bake Sale-5

Bake Sale-3

I think a label or tag gets HIGHER pricing!

individually wrapped cupcake

NOW Get Baking!!!   

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