Old Dishes – New Dishes

WAY back in 1997, when I got married, I allowed the Mr. to select our dishes for everyday.  I gave him three sets to choose from to keep things easy.  (Yes, three that I could live with!)  He chose Garden Harvest by Mikasa.  They have been good dishes.  They have led us through romantic dinners by the TV, breakfast at the kitchen island and then have been with us through the growth of our family.

Mikasa Garden Harvest Dinnerware

However, they have been showing their age lately.  I understand how they feel.  Chips, missing mugs and of late – the color was so…. well 1990s!  For what it is worth – I was watching the Rachael Zoe Project and she had the SAME dishes!  SO – they must have been in STYLE at some point.

Saying goodbye to an old friend

Fast Forward to 2011.  I swear I was not looking for new dishes and had Lulu not insisted on using the restrooms way in the back upstairs at Sears I would never have seen them.

But I did.

It was a RED ROOSTER that caught my eye.  She CALLED to me. (Can dishes call to you??)   I came right home and got online when we got home and checked out all the options available to me.  It is the COUNTRY LIVING collection.

I knew one thing – I was all done with ‘matchy matchy’ and wanted something that went together but not necessarily from the same ‘line’.   I came up with this.

Let me break it down – this is the new setting we use daily now – isn’t it adorable!

Here is the dinner plate

Here SHE is – that ROOSTER who called to me (it is our most used plate: lunch, breakfast, dinner)

New soup, salad or cereal bowl

The coffee mug (Note: I can finally use that ‘large’ cup button on my Keurig!!)

AND that leads us to the saucer.  Which really is a dessert plate.  This is Johnson Brothers.

I tripped on a set of 6 teacups, saucers and dessert plates on Craigslist for $25.00 – LOVE THEM~!!

These new dishes pull together my favorite colors,  they are versatile, casual and now feels like our ‘old dishes’ that we used all the time.


Be sure to become one!!  I also read all my comments – is there a better way to get to know everyone?

3 thoughts on “Old Dishes – New Dishes

  1. I love the rooster and the fact that it isn't all the same design. I have been thinking about doing the same thing.I have an old set that is definitely showing it's age AND I do not have all the pieces as so many have broken throughout the years.I have been thinking about getting a Red square set. We have a wonderful Asian store here that sells a lot of them in a blue/green <3.I am your newest follower btw.

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