The Ugly Kitchen Door…No More

My FALL Home Project is redecorating my tiny little kitchen.  I have a long list of changes to make.  Basically, I am keeping the cabinets, floors, appliances and and the counters.

FIRST change up was the Stool (see that post here).

SECOND I started in the mud room which I gave a Fall cleanup.

Then it was time to carry more of the black to the inside of kitchen door which in 14 years has never got any attention.  That was a terrible factory white – ignored – it is terribly sad.

See the sad before picture – Don’t stare too long 😦

And while it was great to be able to see right out the door  and get what little daylight we could – that also means people could see right in.  And what they see is my ‘cluttered’ mud room.  

Being a metal door I ordered a set of Magnetic Cafe Rods.  They stick right onto the door.  (Of course, I should note I ordered brass rods but I received brushed nickle.  I will say  –  they blend with the black of the door and I now think that the brass would have been a bit much.  I plan to spray them black if they bug me!)  Then I added a sheer curtain panel and I think it looks SO MUCH BETTER!

Of course – painting the walls and woodwork are next in this poor ignored corner.  Then I can accessorize this rooms wall a bit nicer.

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