Election Day Bake Sale – Part 1

Today was the Election Day Bake Sale for Coco’s 5th grade class.  I don’t know if I am glad there are TWO elections in our town this year because I am exhausted after the first!

Even my mixer was tired!

I do want to note again:  I have a TINY kitchen here in the Little Red House.  This was a big undertaking.  I was also ready to really change up what I do every year.  And while I avoided the chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin bread I did have these on hand:

and made a LOT of this:
20 loaves of this in total

I also packaged up about 15 bags of Candy Corn Bark which Lindsey at Lee La La posted.  I had never made a bark before and this was very easy!

You just melt it and pour it onto the parchment on a cookie sheet

After letting it sit in the fridge for an hour you ‘crack’ it.  As you can see – I used a hammer to help with this.

But – really can you picture anything cuter on the Bake Sale Table today?!?!

More to come!  
Part TWO tomorrow!!!  

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