Halloween Mantel

Over the weekend the girls and I pulled out the ‘Halloween Box‘.  Which I should add in the Little Red House is stored in the cellar.  Someday, I will do a whole post dedicated to my ‘cellar’.  It is not a basement.  Basement’s are where beautiful children’s playrooms and second family rooms are set up.  This is a typical New England field stone cellar.  
Let’s just say when I was digging around in the box and I tripped on some black paper spiders I made last year I jumped a mile.  YES I just assumed they were real! 

The mantel was our project.  The only new item we purchased this year is the black feather wreath.  It reminds me of a white turkey feather wreath my mom hung on our mirror during Christmas time when I was younger.

My first challenge was how to hang the wreath.  I have now discovered Command Hooks – removable stick on hooks!!  HOW DID I NOT KNOW?  I now have them hanging all over my house.

Using a Command Hook I was able to center the wreath right on the mirror.  
I think my most favorite part of the mantel is the ‘Ragamuffin’ that the girls made last year.  I found a ton of halloween fabrics on clearance at Joann’s for well over 70% off.  I bought a couple of 1/4 yards and we created this.  

It hangs just high enough to not interfere or be a concern for the gas fireplace.  Although, Nora’s bed will have to be moved from this corner soon!

Black Crows pop up in all kinds of places!
I love to put seasonal candy into this hurricane but the girls ALWAYS raid it.  I cannot blame them really.  SO I popped one of my ‘crows’ on it like a guardian.  It is barely balanced on top so if they have been at it I will know!!
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