Glitter Pumpkin

Now that I have those fabulous round trays on my tables – they are perfect for changing things up seasonally.  
I keep seeing posts from other great crafters out there who are using ‘Glitter Paint’.  Intrigued – I jumped right on this!!  

I found the small can of glitter paint at Michael’s but I was dissapointed to see that the color orange was sold out.  SO I went for the gold.  
And it was sold right with these:
My first observation with this was – this is not as simple as spraypainting a stool or trays.  I found the paint to be a little ‘runny’.  But I kept at it with lots of layers in between drying time.  

Finally the project started to take hold.  The pumpkin was ‘glittered’ and ready to be displayed.

My last detail to the project is the use of a ‘fake’ candle.  I prefer real candles…the soft glow, the warmth and the smell.  My girls are old enough for me to have lit candles again.  BUT I have a wagging tail in the house again this year.  Not a great combination.

 I found this one at Michael’s.  What I LOVE about this is it has a built in timer.  It comes on every day at 4:30 and shuts off at 9:30 (4 hours).  And I NEVER have to think twice about it.  It has real wax on it – with a Vanilla scent so it definitely looks real.  It also takes real AAA Batteries (not those silver disk ones).

Even the crow can perch on it!!  Cannot do that with a real lit candle!  

One thought on “Glitter Pumpkin

  1. Michaels! Thank you! I went on the hunt for glitter spray paint after seeing a few projects that other people had done and I could not find it. Now I know where to look, thanks! I love the way your pumpkin turned out. I might also have to check out those fake candles while I am at the store!Brie from

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