Oreo Madness

Popcorn & Oreos?

I tripped upon a wonderful popcorn post I saw at Darling Doodles (the recipe can be found here at  Sing for Your Supper)

AND when I saw THESE at the grocery – I knew I had the perfect occasion to make this Oreo Popcorn Madness!

Saturday night we hosted Lulu’s 9th Birthday Sleepover.  I slipped a bowl of this halloween colored treat on the table and I could hear them all discussing it.  Yes, they liked it!
Ready, Set, Bake!

Gathering of all the ingredients –  only 3!

Chopped the Oreos, melted the chips and tossed all into a bowl.  Spread it all out on a cookie sheet – and into the fridge it went to cool.

Then broke it all down into bite size pieces and…. YUM!

It was sweet and salty.  Just right for a sweet bite. And – the Fall colors were perfect!!

Photobucket homework  

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