"Treat Free" School Birthdays

I won’t go on a tangent about how I feel about ‘treats in school’.  Whether I am pro or against does not matter.  Our school this year changed its policy for ‘treats’ during the day.  This affects birthdays.

I came up with a solution that pleased my daughter Lulu as her 9th Birthday just recently passed.  Apparently, in 3rd Grade you want everyone to know it is your birthday.  I for one do not feel this way about MY birthday anymore!

I have some wonderful friends who recently started a business called LeeLee Street.

They offered me the perfect solution for Lulu and her class.

Chocolate Cupcake shaped crayons - I'm not food, don't eat me

That is right – they are crayons!  They are NOT sweets!

It was a very exciting day for Lulu to pass these out.  I am happy to have been able to make her so happy!

I have seen a lot of molded crayons out there but I will say the quality of these impress me the most.  They have some exciting shapes that I love – allow me to share some of my favorites:

Brick shaped crayons - just keep building, just keep building
Star shaped crayons - twinkle twinkle
Mustaches - but I can't pay the rent, but you must pay the rent

What fun!  Take a stop over to their Etsy Shop and poke around.  You might even see some funny faces!

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