Rosie the Roomba

Having had two golden retrievers for years in the Little Red House  –  my Roomba floor vacuum, affectionately named ‘Rosie’, was a prized possession.  
The girls got the biggest kick out of her.   However, after the dogs passed on, she became older and less reliable.  You could say we wore her out but she was always loved by the girls.  
I just happened to video the girls in 2009 ‘unplugging’ her.  I cannot watch this video with out cracking up. I do hope you can see the humor and look past their sadness.   I can assure you they quickly recovered.
Fast Forward to 2011:
NOW with Nora in the house we are living in the land of dog hair again.  It was time.  Meet Bob!  We decided to give this one a male name.  Lulu picked Bob.  It stuck.  
I am happy to report that Bob is doing a great job at getting those floors clear of dog hair daily.  And that the girls are not as ‘attached’ to this Roomba as they were in the past.  

2 thoughts on “Rosie the Roomba

  1. Aww was Lulu really crying? If not she should be given an Emmy! I have a rotti and a yorkie. Oddly enough it is the rotti that sheds the worst. I loathe dog hair so maybe I should look into getting my own "BOB" Love the video….too cute!

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