Twenty Five and a Fashion Disaster

There it is…staring at me…in my inbox:
Tickets are on sale for my 25th High School Reunion


How could 25 years have passed?  I am sitting here thinking… WOW I feel old!  For the record I graduated in 1986.

We actually had a 20th Reunion – right about the same time everyone started using Facebook.  I feel like I am all caught up with my long lost classmates.  So do I want to go?

And then there is the question:  What will I wear???   And WORSE – it is next month.

This is what I remember wearing 25 years ago: (can you find me??)

Ahhh the 1980s!  Are those white gloves??  Has anyone seen my waist since then?  Surely, I am not a size 8 anymore either.

So there are options.

There is the Little Black Dress route:
Pinned Imageimage enlargement

Or in another color?
image enlargement

OR I could mix it up and do a blouse with a skirt or slacks (did I just date myself with that word?).  I am a fan of CABi Clothing… I have this:


I also have this number that has been hanging in the back of the closet:

I cannot even get started on shoes with any of these looks.  As a sufferer of plantar faciitis this is the part I dread the most.   I also will need to employ my fabulous fashion accessory SPANX with my final choice.

As I decide whether or not to purchase tickets – I will spend time going through my closet and many trips to the mall trying to figure this all out.

WHAT would YOU wear!?!?!?  Leave me a comment!

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