I am blocked.

Which is like writer’s block with the exception that I want to be writing posts with crafts I have completed but I cannot get to the crafts. 
THIS could be the problem:
how does this happen?

Maybe I am alone in suffering from this?  It is a symptom of the late summer heatwave and the Back to School ‘lazies’ that I get every September.  Everything just stops here and it is all about getting the girls into their schedule.  This is one of the main reasons I did not want my sewing area in my bedroom.  
But this year it’s really bad! 

I still need to get to the ‘back to school’ hemming.  
BUT I am spending this rainy day here taking care of this problem!!  Let’s hope I can dig out of this FAST!

2 thoughts on “BLOCKED!

  1. My area looks similar. I think all sewing machines have this little monster inside that comes out at night and wreaks havoc amongst all our supplies. hehee That's my story and I am sticking to it!

  2. Hi, Karen! I have the dog silhouette file you were asking about on my blog… Send me your email address & I'll get it to you. Then you'll have another craft to add to your list! Good luck!

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