Chicken Soup for the Family

I say for the “family” because here in the Little Red House – it is about the only meal my whole family loves these days.  I should also add my Mom in this.  She says it is the best chicken soup she has ever had – and she is 80 years old so she has had a LOT of soup in her lifetime!

I start out with that FABULOUS Chicken Stock that I make HERE.

Ready Set – COOK! (This is one of those recipes that I say ‘some’ and a ‘handful’ in.  Just go with it.)

First I prep all my fresh ingredients.

I should note: the Mr. does NOT like onions.  SO I have learned to chopped them up VERY small.  He does not even know they are in there! Shhhhh!

I add some butter and olive oil to a hot pot.

First I add the onions to get them good and soft.

Then I add the celery for a minute or two, next comes the carrots.

I throw in a heaping TBSP of flour to ‘thicken’ things up a bit.

Next comes that Fabulous Stock!  Just pour it ALL in!

Once that is all stirred – its time to add some chopped chicken.

Last I add pasta.  Pasta of your choice really.  The girls like Orzo.  We like a LOT of pasta.  I add about two handfulls (maybe 1.5 – 2 Cups).

Then, bring to a low boil and keep stirring so pasta does not stick.  Let this go on for about 20-25 mins.  I do lower the heat once it ‘boils’.

Salt and Pepper to your liking and PRESTO –

What CUTE dishes!

NOTE:  When chopping the veggies – if there are leftovers or unusable pieces- throw these into a Ziploc in the freezer.  These are the veggies I use in my Stock!

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One thought on “Chicken Soup for the Family

  1. Yumm! We just had your Itl. Wedding Soup last night. In my recipe book it is titled "Karen's Italian Wedding Soup" Thanks for all the great soup recipes!

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