More Uncluttering

While I was coming to terms with the condition of my sewing area.  It occurred to me that I really need to take a look around the house and see what other ‘clutterings’ have happened.

Take this spot in my kitchen.  An unassuming set of drawers.  Now, here in the Little Red House, I have mentioned before how space is at a minimum.

When the drawer is opened… avert your eyes if you cannot handle clutter – this could cause you anxiety:

Now.  I know this is bad!  I am not sure how this even happened. I am sure it started when the girls were little.  Back when they needed access to all kinds of ‘kid’ things in the kitchen.  It kept them happy.  Everything has to have its place – and this was their place.

But if you look here – right NEXT to that drawer is this:

Now.  Something is not right.

SO I spent some time last night FIXING this problem.

Half way done:

Completely empty:

Hmmm…..  found this in there… it’s blue- so that means Easter.  Should I?  Would YOU?

NOW – this seems much better:

But wait – yes, THIS is better.

And – gee I think this drawer is best for this stuff now.

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to make this switch but I feel that inner peace again when I open those drawers.

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