Adult Costumes

Halloween is REALLY one of our favorite holidays.  We are so lucky that in our neighborhood we have an annual ‘Adult’ Party at a hall which is even better because we can ‘WALK’ which is VERY important!!  There is a DJ and lots of dancing.  We usually start at ‘friends’ houses.

The Mr. and I try to come up with fun costumes every year.

This year:
LOVE my boots!

Of course – either you get that I am Coraline or not… most did not 😦  But we hold this heroine dear to our hearts here.   Can you see my ‘buttons’?

Some other oldies but goodies: (sorry – photos of photos)


A Ghost Hunter and her fool

Kate Gosslin
A Lost Girl Scout leader (which I am)

 I will have photos of the girls costumes tomorrow!  Of course, some snow fell here over the weekend.  A lot of communities in New England actually rescheduled Halloween.  But we will be out there tonight!

The temp. on Friday night during the party!
 We had fun.  But I paid for it all day on Saturday.  

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