Pressure Cooking

Here at the Little Red House I am VERY limited on space for appliances.  BUT I do try to sneak in as many as possible!!  I LOVE all these cooking toys.

Growing up – WAY back in the 1960s & 70s my Mom used a Pressure Cooker.  She would do Irish Boiled Dinner in it, among other things.  I can actually tell you yes, one time it did explode.  All Over The Ceiling.

SO when I set up my house hold back in 1996 I decided to give it a go.  I had a stove top pressure cooker.  It took a while to learn how to use it properly and plan my timing for things but I grew to L O V E  that thing.  I would do beef stews, veggies, potatoes, frozen chicken breasts, just about anything that needed to be cooked after a long day at work.  (Yup, I used to work too!)  And it NEVER exploded!
Mine looked like this

When the girls were young I would pressure cook their veggies – a GREAT healthy way to prep food for little ones.  Then as we moved into the 2000’s we upgraded or electric range to a ceramic top and my poor pressure cooker was not making enough contact with the cooker to heat up enough.  I was terribly sad.  I moved away from using it – and began a life of crock potting.  I am NOT knocking the crockpot – but a pressure cooker it is not.

About two years ago I ordered an electric pressure cooker from QVC.  I just never got into the swing of it again.  I usually pull it out to make Risotto, yes, Risotto – as in NO STIR perfect every time Risotto! But it mostly sits in the ‘appliance’ storage area and has not been moved much.

Fast Forward to 2011

This weekend when it snowed my plans to grill chicken wings for the Patriots game went south when the grill was covered with snow.  Quick thinking led me to ribs in the pressure cooker!  Out she came of her dark storage and they were delish!

I have a chicken carcass ready to go to make stock.  You know how I LOVE my chicken stock.  But I got home late from an activity at school this morning and time is slipping away from me.

(is this a saying you use outside of New England?)

I decided to pop it all into my electric pressure cooker!!  In goes the onion, carrots, celery, chicken and water.

25 -30 mins under full pressure….

Look what I have!!

Looks like we may be having soup more OFTEN!!

Notes: I get very fustrated with how long it takes this electric pressure cooker to come up to steam.  I really need to add 15-20 mins into prep and warmup time to get it running.  Also – I like to get 20 cups of stock with the stovetop method.  My 4 qt limits me to about 12 Cups.  Sorry Grammy – no soup for you!!

Leave me a comment and tell me what YOU make!


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