Baking Tip: Prices

Did you know that NOVEMBER is the month to plan your Christmas/Holiday Baking?  Do you know why?

From now until Thanksgiving baking supplies are on sale.  NOW.  And guess what – they don’t go on sale before Christmas.  I always review and re-stock my baking center supplies this time of year.

SO If you take a little time now to plan your baking for December – you may save a little money.


2 thoughts on “Baking Tip: Prices

  1. I try to buy all my baking supplies (flour, sugar, spices, etc.) for the coming year during November before Thanksgiving because the prices are so low. Sugar can keep for years when the bag is put in heavy duty plastic bags and I seal the flour bags in a large plastic container from bakery and put in a cool place in our house/basement.

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