5th Grade Play

A few weeks ago they announced the 5th Grade play at Coco’s school.  I am excited to share it is:


After some nerve wracking tryouts (well nerve wracking for me!) we finally learned yesterday that our Coco was cast as… drum roll…

Mrs. Banks!

We are thrilled for she will be signing a solo.  She tried out for Mary Poppins, Mrs. Bank and for a dancing chimney sweep.  I can tell you I know every word to ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’ now too.  We think she has a lovely voice.

But the exciting part is – I get to help sew costumes!!  I am looking forward to being part of the play in this way.  I am proud of all the girls but especially proud of my Mrs. Banks!

Thank you for allowing me a moment to GUSH over my beautiful daughter!

2 thoughts on “5th Grade Play

  1. Yay Miss. Coco!!! I love Mrs. Banks! I actually just showed the boys this movie the other day. One of my favorites. I love anything with Dick Van Dyke. They loved all the singing and my oldest was singing a spoon full of sugar for two days. Can't wait to see her outfit. Hopefully you can capture some of her singing…I bet she has a lovely voice. ~ We're clearly soliders in petticoats~

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